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Calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a reliable way to check if your weight puts you at risk from pre-diabetes. Work out your 'balloon score' now and follow the advice.

what your result means
  • Score below 20: Underweight

    It is unlikely that you are at risk from pre-diabetes. But your weight is not healthy and it poses a threat to your wellbeing. It is best to see your doctor or a health professional and plan to attain a normal weight.

  • Score 20-25: Normal weight

    The good news is that you are an ideal weight and you face little risk of pre-diabetes.

  • Score 26-30: Overweight

    You could be at risk of developing pre-diabetes because of your weight. Talk to your doctor or a health professional and put a plan in place to improve your diet and exercise.

  • Score 31-40: Obese

    You are at risk of pre-diabetes. Other serious medical conditions, including heart disease, also pose a threat. It is vital that you address the situation, so visit your doctor to discuss the dangers and implement changes.

  • Score 40+: Very obese

    Pre-diabetes is a serious risk for you. As is heart disease, stroke and death. See your doctor and take action now.

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