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But stepping away from the dizzy hype for a minute, (not to mention the hefty price tag), it is interesting to assess and appreciate the real impact on those who have been converted by its success formula

1. HIIT (or Fat Burning training) has a direct and positive impact on cardiovascular fitness, cardiovascular disease and is proven to significantly reduce insulin resistance compared to continuous or controlled training.

2. Looking more widely at the “community benefits” measure, the impact on how people see fitness is undeniable. Conversations around the office water cooler are now less frequently about celebrity fad diets and unhealthy body images, and more about fitness goals and challenge events like Colour Runs and Tough Mudders. Joe Wicks has got Joe Public thinking about fuelling their bodies for fitness performance, not unsustainable, quick win weight loss.

It seems, as a nation, we’ve finally stopped looking for the miracle cure and have got back to some good old-fashioned fitness basics. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise really are the secrets to a longer and healthier existence.

The humble broccoli. A staple vegetable of many a family’s dinner table and an almost guaranteed ‘one of the two’ in your meat and two veg.

It is packed full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and detoxifying micronutrients. It offers high levels of the all-important, immune system-boosting vitamin C as well as bone-strengthening vitamin K.

Folate, which plays a strategic role in regulating cell growth and reproduction can also be found in this genuine superfood. Furthermore, it’s also packed with glucosinolate compounds, such as sulforaphane and glucoraphanin which, while making no sense to the layman, actually help to fight cancer.

By reducing inflammation, eating broccoli could also help lower the risk of stroke and heart disease…

One cup of broccoli contains:

Only 30 calories
205% of your daily value of vitamin C
194% of Vitamin K
5 grams of fibre

And there’s more good news for this tasty and tender family favourite.

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