Feb 14, 2018

Fad diets be gone!

New Year, new you. New season, new motivation. For anyone who has made the vow to lose weight and make a healthy change will know, there’s a long road between the excitement of a new regime and the long-term willpower that determines how successful the change has been.

Starve yourself and the cravings and hunger pangs will not be bearable for long. Cabbage Soup? The taste alone will see you fall off the wagon long before the inches are lost from your waistline.

So, what is the secret and why are we always wooed by the photos, stories and successes of those who have miraculously made it work for them?

The reality is that there is no quick fix and, whilst a fad diet may get you into that dress/shorts/swimming attire for a specific event or holiday, the reality is that without a long term lifestyle change, we can only ever hope to yoyo from one diet and special occasion to the other.

Evidence can be found here…

In the last 2 years, ‘Bosh’ has become the unlikely catchphrase that took the world by storm. Whether it was the regular gym-bunny, who sweats it out five times a week, or someone looking to finally crack the beach body challenge they reluctantly set themselves each year, people couldn’t help but be a little bit interested by the Joe Wicks take on “getting your sweat on”.

His combination of short workouts and a prescribed and balanced carbohydrate and protein diet have seen impressive results, with people around the World completing his 90 day challenge and shedding impressive inches in the process.

And thanks to technology and the digital age, what may once have been an intimidating and unappealing training style is now adopted by thousands of people every week. Coupled with the promise of tasty, diet free meals that can be prepared in a matter of minutes, it’s no surprise that people are shunning rigid fad diets in favour of Joe’s good old midget trees and coconut oil.

But stepping away from the dizzy hype for a minute, (not to mention the hefty price tag), it is interesting to assess and appreciate the real impact on those who have been converted by its success formula

1. HIIT (or Fat Burning training) has a direct and positive impact on cardiovascular fitness, cardiovascular disease and is proven to significantly reduce insulin resistance compared to continuous or controlled training.

2. Looking more widely at the “community benefits” measure, the impact on how people see fitness is undeniable. Conversations around the office water cooler are now less frequently about celebrity fad diets and unhealthy body images, and more about fitness goals and challenge events like Colour Runs and Tough Mudders. Joe Wicks has got Joe Public thinking about fuelling their bodies for fitness performance, not unsustainable, quick win weight loss.

It seems, as a nation, we’ve finally stopped looking for the miracle cure and have got back to some good old-fashioned fitness basics. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise really are the secrets to a longer and healthier existence.

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