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Blast your fat with our 20-minute Fat Burn workout!

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘fat burn’ and we all like the sound of It, but how do you go about burning the fat?

We’re not going to pretend it’s easy, because nothing worth having is easy, but the results, the results are incredible!

Fat burn routines are made up of intense cardio exercises and strength building exercises. The two together hold the key to burning fat and turning fat into muscle.

The below workout routine can be done at any time, by anyone, and in any place. No excuses!

Warm up

Warming up before exercise is crucial! The warm-up gently prepares your body for exercise by increasing your heart rate and getting the blood pumping round your body. This will loosen your joints and increase blood flow to your muscles.

1. Jog on the spot (60 seconds)

2. Jumping jacks (60 seconds)

3. High knees (60 seconds)

4. Heel kicks (60 seconds)


A crucial stage of the warm-up is stretching, you must stretch out your muscles to avoid hurting yourself.

1. Shoulder stretch (15 seconds)

2. Shoulder and triceps stretch (15 seconds)

3. Side bends (15 seconds)

4. Hamstring stretch (15 seconds)

5. Lunges (15 seconds)


1. Burpees (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

2. Squat jumps (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

3. Push ups (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

4. Lunge jump lunge (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

5. Crunches (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

6. Plank (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

7. Mountain climbers (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

8. Russian twists (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

9. Curtsy lunge (60 seconds)

15 seconds’ rest

10. Flutter kicks

30 seconds’ rest


Cool down

It is important to always remember to cool down after exercising. This gives your muscles a chance to relax and prevents your blood pressure from dropping too rapidly. It is important to stretch your muscles after exercising to prevent hurting yourself.

1. Light jog (15 seconds)

2. Round about toe touch (15 seconds)

3. Torso twists (15 seconds)

4. Shoulder rolls (15 seconds)

5. Arm pull and half lunge, switch arms and legs (15 seconds)

6. Toe touch stretch (15 seconds)

7. Quad stretch, both legs (15 seconds)

Let us know how you get on with our Fat Burn exercise routine and stay tuned as there will soon be some fitness videos coming to!


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