Jul 11, 2017

Are short workouts worth it?

Time is precious, we all lead such busy lives, but somehow we’re expected to fit in working, cooking, surviving, a social life AND THEN exercise? Who has the time?

Getting fit and healthy has become a trend. Long gone are the days where binging on the sofa with chocolate and crisps was cool, it’s now all about “eating clean and training mean”. But, like most normal people, you’re not on your own if you don’t fancy going to the gym for hours and eating chicken and rice three times a day.

But, if you could work out for just minutes a day, burn fat and feel better about yourself, would you do it?

Research has shown that alternating between bursts of intense exercise and short rest periods gives you the same (if not more) health benefits as slow and steady cardio but in a shorter amount of time.

Short workouts are great for professionals, parents and pen-pushers because, let’s face it, even thinking about exercise is time consuming, let alone doing it on a regular basis.

Short workouts promise to increase metabolism, increase bone density, burn hundreds of calories in a short time, build muscle, improve endurance, and, finally, lift your mood. It is time to turn that frown upside down.

Are short workouts better than lengthy workouts?

Well, like most things, workout routines should be tailored for each individual. Everyone likes to work out in a slightly different way to others. Having said that, there are definitely some pros to short workouts that you don’t necessarily always get with a long workout.

     1. You are not ‘scared’ of working out. Exercising for 20 minutes after you finish work doesn’t seem as daunting as doing an hour and a half on the treadmill.

     2. You are more likely to gain more from short workouts. Studies have shown that people put more effort into shorter workouts than they do into long workouts because the finish line is in sight. You know in the back of your head that you won’t be in the gym all day so you give it your all.

     3. Your body doesn’t feel starving. When you work out for hours upon end, not only will your appetite grow to be enormous to make up for all the energy lost during your workout, you’ll also put yourself at risk for ‘I deserve this’ mode which can send your weight loss goals plummeting backwards.

     4. Short work outs produce faster results. Short but tough workouts can boost your metabolism, raise your body’s fat burning power and burn more calories in way less time.

Exercising for just 15 minutes a day can reduce your risk of cancer and add an average of three years to your life span.

Taking care of yourself isn’t a joke, it’s important to look after our bodies and treat them with respect. Eating the right foods and keeping active can have a major impact on your body, your health and your mental wellbeing.

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