Aug 23, 2017

Don’t let prediabetes put you off a bank holiday barbecue

The August bank holiday weekend is almost upon us. If we’re blessed with decent weather then the chances are you’ll be out and about.

Some of us will be enjoying the open spaces of the English Countryside. Many more of us will be nipping down to the local for a couple of pints or enjoying a barbecue with friends and family.

Whether you are active or relaxing in the garden, there’s a good chance that you will eat and drink a bit more than you normally do. We usually do when we’re having fun, right?

It’s fine to push the boat out occasionally. But remember not to overdo it – too much! Many of us, especially if we’re not as active as we would like to be, don’t realise that we may be borderline diabetic or suffering from prediabetes.

Prediabetes is where your blood sugar levels are elevated but are not at the levels of someone with Type 2 Diabetes. Think of it as a warning sign. Eating and drinking too much rich food at a summer barbecue could raise those levels even higher, tipping you over the edge.

The good news is that by making a few simple lifestyle changes you can prevent Type 2 Diabetes from developing. You could even reverse Prediabetes altogether.

If you are hosting a barbecue this weekend, think about replacing some of the food you are planning to serve with healthier options. Use marinated chicken or fish instead of sausages and steaks. Replace meat kebabs with tasty but healthy vegetable and halloumi kebabs. Add some healthy salads to the mix. When you are preparing burgers, use lean minced beef. Better still, make burgers using chicken fillets.

And don’t go too heavy on the bread if you can help it. Or why not try wholemeal breads or pitas to eat with your burgers? The choices are endless.

Drinking too much can also exacerbate prediabetes. To prevent prediabetes, or to prevent it from developing into Type 2 diabetes, consider some alternatives to your usual tipple. Try some mocktails or low carbohydrate beers and ciders.

And there’s good news if you enjoy Prosecco. Dry wines are lower in sugar and tend to have fewer carbohydrates than sweeter wines. You don’t need to stop drinking and eating altogether. Simply cut down and try healthy equivalents to the things you normally enjoy.

Remember, have fun. It’s not all about what you’re doing or the food and drink you’re consuming. It’s about who you’re doing it with. Socialise and have fun this August Bank Holiday. And keep healthy!

Visit to find out more about prediabetes and things that you can do to prevent it from becoming something more serious. 

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