Getting back into exercise

A little exercise will always go a long way

Exercise is vital when it comes to strengthening our muscles and cardiovascular system. It is also a fun and enjoyable way to get the feel-good factor; especially when combined with a healthy approach to eating and drinking.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete – or even a fitness bunny – to partake in a little regular light exercise. In fact, research shows that the “little and often” approach is far better than sweating it out for hours in a gym.

Want to get back into fitness?

Why not use our fitness videos to help ease you in gently?

Broken down into “Warm up and Cool down”, “How to Series” and “Full Workouts”, they are a perfect resource to help get you active, workout safely, keep fit and stay healthy.

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Equalibras’ Fitness Facts:

• Your muscles burn glucose during exercise, naturally reducing your blood sugar level and your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

• People tend to walk at an average pace of about 3.1 miles per hour. At that rate, it would take you only 19 minutes to walk for one mile a day; for which the benefits are endless!

• Exercise lowers your risk of heart disease and helps the heart grow stronger and healthier. A stronger heart can pump more blood around your body with less effort reducing the force on your arteries thereby lowering your blood pressure

• Walking helps to increase bone density; improving how protected your internal organs are.

• Regular exercise reduces the body's need for insulin by keeping your weight down. It also increases the body's sensitivity to insulin, so glucose is used more effectively.

• Regular exercise boosts energy levels even among those who suffer with diabetes.

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