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So begins your journey to become an even shinier version of yourself. Equalibras is here to make a difference. Created by a dedicated group of health professionals to provide valuable resources and information for people with prediabetes, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and everyone else who has an interest in diet and lifestyle.

A third of adults in the UK have diabetes but did you know that diabetes can be prevented and even reversed?

You do have a choice.

Whether it’s work, family or just general life demands, you can end up placing yourself last – but you shouldn’t. By making a few simple and easy lifestyle changes, you’ll find that not only will you feel great, you’ll also offset some serious diseases such as diabetes.

You’ve made the first step by finding us. Now let’s start the fun bit.

What can you achieve here?

Unlike your best friend who will say you haven’t put on weight, our Diabetes Risk Calculator will always be upfront and honest with you. But remember, don’t be put off if you’re overweight, you’ve made a really positive move by visiting this site. This is the start of a great new you!

Check out our handy recipes make good meal choices for your lifestyle and, of course, enjoy some delicious flavours!

Exercise can be fun. Honestly, you just need to find the right one for you. Our site is full of great ways you can monitor the exercise that you do, making sure you’re getting the most of your activity.

We are adding different ways you can engage with the site all the time – keep visiting us to keep up-to-date.

So start your journey, get clicking and work your way around our website. Making time for your own health could be the best thing you do today.